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Delhi Eye Centre is a leading eye hospital in Delhi NCR, renowned for its commitment to providing exceptional eye care services. Our mission is to offer the highest quality ophthalmic care to our patients, ensuring their vision health and well-being. We are proud to have a team of highly skilled and experienced ophthalmologists who are dedicated to delivering personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s needs.


We understand the importance of utilizing cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat various eye conditions accurately. Our state-of-the-art facility at our best eye hospital in Delhi NCR is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and advanced surgical equipment, enabling us to offer a comprehensive range of eye care services. Our team of ophthalmologists specializes in cataract surgery, LASIK surgery, glaucoma treatment, retinal surgeries, and other complex eye procedures. We are committed to providing safe and effective treatments with the best possible outcomes.

Our patient-centric approach ensures that every individual receives compassionate care and personalized attention throughout their journey with us. 

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Advanced Eye Care Services

We offer cataract surgery using the WHITESTAR Signature® Phacoemulsification Microsystem. This is the world's most advanced technology from AMO (Johnson and Johnson) for removing cataracts.
We offer advanced CustomVue Lasik Laser Surgery. This personalized vision correction procedure can reshape your cornea to improve your focus and reduce your dependence on corrective lenses.
The cornea is the clear, front surface of the eye, encompassing the pupil, iris, and anterior chamber. It contributes to two-thirds of the eye's focusing power.
We provide comprehensive Retina Services, covering the full spectrum of medical and surgical management for disorders affecting the retina and the vitreous.
Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that can damage your optic nerve, leading to vision loss if left untreated. It often occurs due to a rise in intraocular pressure (IOP), the fluid pressure inside your eye. We offer comprehensive glaucoma management services. Our experienced ophthalmologists will work with you
Children's eyes are delicate and require specialized care. We understand the importance of early detection and treatment of vision problems in children. Our team of pediatric ophthalmologists possesses the expertise and experience to address a wide range of childhood eye conditions.

Our Doctors


Chairman, Delhi Eye Centre
Co Chairman,
(Dept. of Ophth)
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital


FLVPEI (Cornea)
Director, Delhi Eye Centre
Consultant, (Ophth)
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital


Retina Consultant,
Delhi Eye Centre


Oculoplasty Consultant,
Delhi Eye Centre


MBBS, MD (Ophthalmology) AIIMS,
Squint & Paediatric Consultant,
Delhi Eye Centre

Best Lasik Surgery and Cataract Surgery in Delhi NCR

We are committed to providing top-notch eye care with the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, making us your go-to choice for eye treatments. Our team includes skilled surgeons with extensive experience in performing a wide range of eye surgeries, including cataract surgery, LASIK surgery, glaucoma treatment, ICL eye surgery, oculoplastic surgery, and more. We are renowned in Delhi for offering the latest in LASIK and cataract surgery, using the most advanced technology available.


Best LASIK Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi is a popular, cost-effective solution for those looking to say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses. The cost of LASIK surgery in Delhi varies based on the technology used, and we provide a detailed cost after a thorough examination of your eyes.


As pioneers in eye care, we are proud to be the first in Delhi to introduce Zepto cataract surgery in Delhi NCR. This cutting-edge procedure utilizes nanopulse technology to create a precise circular opening in the lens capsule, leading to better outcomes, faster recovery, and reduced risk of complications.


Our commitment to using the latest technology extends to LASIK surgery. We offer Femtosecond LASIK in Delhi NCR, a blade-free procedure that uses a femtosecond laser for enhanced precision and safety in creating the corneal flap. This results in a smoother recovery and optimal visual outcomes.


We are proud to offer the WHITESTAR Signature® Phacoemulsification Microsystem by Alcon—the world’s most advanced technology for cataract surgery in Delhi NCR, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our cataract surgeons in Delhi are highly skilled in using this technology to perform precise Micro Phaco Procedures, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients and their families. 

Patient Says After Eye Surgeries

I belong to patna and after waiting for 3years for cataract surgery, we got to know about Dr Harbansh Lal, Delhi Eye Centre, and we came here. My father have been operated for both eye cataract in Delhi Eye Centre, Delhi by Dr Harbansh Lal. He is the best doctor, my father is very satisfied by the surgery and everything was so smooth, everything was explained very well by doctors. Thankyou


visited delhi eye centre recently for my lasik consultation. I was recommended to Dr. Ikeda by an eyecare professional for my lasik. she is an excellent person and eye doctor. i was told about the entire procedure properly and it’s an affordable place as well.


Delhi Eye Centre is the best eye centre in Delhi. My experience with them was so amazing, I got the best treatment from Dr Ikeda lal. All the workers are friendly, they talk to patients nicely. All thanks to Delhi Eye Centre because I actually get my beauty back


Dr.Ikeda is really "Outstanding eye doctor! Expertise, professionalism, and a friendly demeanor all in one. I felt confident in their care, and the results speak for themselves. A top-notch experience that I wholeheartedly recommend." Staff is also helpful in my case (Patient co ordinate Anshul Srivastav...)


It's really an excellent experience. I obeyed Dr. Harbansh lal immediately as he advised to get catrect opration in the early stage. And I can see so clearly, i left my specs here on the day of operation(3rd January 2024). The staff of Delhi Eye Centre is very co-operative, quick and helpful. I am feeling so happy. Thanks a lot.


Anything related to eyes? This is your go to place. Compassion, Quality, Affordable.... these words aren't there just for the sake of the "feel good" factor, these are actually the core values of Delhi Eye Centre. People here are actually compassionate towards their patients, they aren't overly 'professional' in their ways, they've a humane aspect to them as well. They are just the right amount of 'professional'.


Thank you very much Dr. Ikeda mam to you & your team. You are guys doing a wonderful job which is next to god. You are like god to patients like me. Plz continue your job with dedication & expertise. I wish you very good luck.


Now I am feeling very relaxed and Glaucoma is now quite controlled. Doctors of Delhi eye center are really very supportive and experienced. I recommend consulting here for any eye problem.