Keratoconus Treatment in Delhi

Delhi Eye Centre” takes pride in being one of the most widely recognized eye hospital in Delhi offering best services in Keratoconus treatment through continual improvements of our systems, technology and dedicated professionals. We are committed to offer new hope and solutions to all our patients at affordable cost.

Keratoconus is a progressive disease in which the patient’s cornea that is usually round in shape becomes thin and irregular shaped (cone-like). Due to this, the light rays entering the eye don’t focus on a single point resulting in blurred and distorted vision. If left untreated, Keratoconus becomes severe, leading to sudden & significant vision loss. Generally, it affects both eyes differently and its initial symptoms can be most commonly found in late teens.

Delhi Eye Centre is well-equipped with latest technology and ultra-modern equipment for the early diagnosis and monitoring of Keratoconus. We have an extremely talented, skilled and experienced team of eye surgeons in Delhi offering a wide spectrum of Keratoconus treatments that include:

  • Corneal Collagen Cross Linking (CXL)
  • Contact Lenses (Custom Soft, Gas Permeable, Piggybacking, Hybrid, Scleral and Semi-scleral)
  • Intacs Implants
  • Topography guided Conductive Keratoplasty
  • Corneal Transplant

In the initial stages of Keratoconus, CXL has proved to be very successful in correcting the blurred and distorted vision. But in advanced stages, when CXL and other treatments don’t provide acceptable vision, then a corneal transplant is considered to get required outcomes. Our expert Keratoconus specialists perform cornea transplant procedure with high accuracy & precision. They replace the diseased cornea with a healthy one using advanced techniques and give the most successful results.

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