dropping of eyes

Patient Treated by Dr. Shilpa Taneja

One of our patients who presented with dropping of eyes since childhood. He had to lift his forehead to see properly. He underwent sling surgery in both eyes at Delhi...
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Dr. Ikeda Lal

Acute Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Dr. Ikeda Lal sharing her experience and work on Acute Stevens-Johnson Syndrome at the annual Bombay Ophthalmic Society (BOA) conference
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donate your eyes

Help Someone to See the World with your Eyes, Appeals Doctor

On the occasion of ‘National Eye Donation Fortnight’ experts urge people to donate their eyes and help someone living a normal life. Considering the huge blind population in our country,...
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DSAEK surgery by Dr. Ikeda Lal at Delhi Eye Centre for Pseudophakic Bullous Keratopathy

This patient was diagnosed with Right eye Pseudophakic Bullous Keratopathy (PBK) and underwent Descemet's Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSAEK) surgery by Dr. Ikeda Lal at Delhi Eye Centre. We are...
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eye-donation- make some one happy

Eye Donation Awareness (25th Aug – 8th Sept)

For public awareness, Eye Donation is celebrated this year from Saturday (25th of August) to the Saturday (8th of September)    
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femto second laser surgery

Femtosecond Lasik Laser Surgery explained by Dr. Ikeda Lal

Femtosecond LASIK using IFS 150 and VISX IR explained by Dr. Ikeda Lal (Cornea and Refractive Eye Surgeon at Delhi Eye Centre and Ganga Ram Hospital)    
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eye care centre in delhi india

Eye Health Awareness Covered in Major Print Media

Delhi Eye Centre is always committed to create more awareness about eye related health issues. Dr. Ikeda Lal, specializes in Cornea and Anterior Segment, Ocular surface, Refractive Surgery, Lamellar Corneal Transplants, has...
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Glaucoma: Causes, Treatment and Awareness

What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is a disorder that distresses the optic nerve. It creates augmented strain inside the eye. This, in order, injuries the links between the optic nerve and...
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Eyestrain Go for a Dependable Eye Surgery

Eyestrain is a very normal disorder that arises when your eyes get exhausted from penetrating use, even though driving long distances or gazing at computer displays and other digital devices....
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Why you should not use Contact Lenses?

Most of the patients we look at here at vision wear contacts lenses effectively day to day without any problem. Contact lenses are the ideal solution for some, but it...
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