Causes and Symptoms of Cataract

What Causes Cataracts? First cataract starts with little effects on your vision.  It created when protein develops in the focal point of your eye and makes it cloudy. This keeps...
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Dr. Harbans Lal invited on Delhi Ophthalmological Society Annual conference

Dr. Harbans Lal got invited on Delhi Ophthalmological Society Annual conference 2017 for Dr. B N Khanna Oration. Conference was attended by more than 4000 eye surgeons.
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dry eyes and lasik

Dry Eyes and LASIK

A dry eye is a very common problem these days and a large population is a victim of this. Almost half the patients undergoing LASIK develop dry eyes and it...
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Delhi eye centre team

Delhi Eye Centre first to Introduce “Nanopulse Capsulotomy – Zepto System”

Delhi Eye Centre first to bring "Nanopulse Capsulotomy - Zepto System" in Delhi and performed many successful cataract treatment using this technology. The perfect capsulotomy is continuous, curvilinear, tear resistant,...
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Dehydration Affects on Eyes

How Dehydration Affects Our Eyes

Water is an essential component of our body.  An adequate amount of water is required for proper functioning of the various organs. The most sensitive organ of our human body...
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Benefits of Lasik surgery

Benefits of Lasik Surgery

Individuals who have been wearing restorative eyewear for quite a while and the individuals who are hampered with their profession openings due to eye issues ought to consider Lasik eye...
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Cataract Surgery

How to Prepare for Cataract Surgery

A cataract surgery lens is a technique that is intended to expel the natural lens of the eye (additionally called "crystalline lens") that has built up an opacification. The metabolic...
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Glaucoma Risk Reduction

How to Reduce Glaucoma Risk

Glaucoma is circumstance where your eyes optics nerves get harmed .It is directly connected with pressure that is formed in your eye. If the pressure increases, it can prompt to...
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A wonderful national conference at Jaipur

A wonderful national conference at Jaipur. Dr. Ikeda lal had 6 talks and an instruction course on pterygium with her as the chief instructor. She was also a trainer in...
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