Fluorescein Angiography

Fluorescein Angiography and Its Advantages

There are many terms associated with the heart and the heart disease. Angiography is the term which is commonly known as a result of the electric signals to the heart,...
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lasik surgery

Reasons for choosing LASIK over your pair of glasses

We have observed that people used to wear big lenses glasses to see clearly. Whether age is 10 or 40 we have seen people are facing reduction in their eye...
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Cornea Transplant Surgery – Overview, Steps & Recovery

Cornea refers to that layer of the eye which is in front of it and is helpful in focusing light so that person can see the object clearly. Cornea transplant...
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Robotic Cataract Treatment

Robotic Cataract Surgery

Cataract is a very common problem usually occurring in older people. It is the clouding of the lens of your eye with ageing that impairs vision. Cataract symptoms include clouded,...
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Myths and Facts Related to Blade-free LASIK surgery

Myths and Facts Related to LASIK surgery

Below are some myths and facts related to Lasik surgery. Myth-1 Lasik is painful and takes a lot of time for recovery This is the most common myth going around but...
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tips to Improve your Vision

Tips to Improve your Vision

Eyes are the most beautiful part of any human beings. If your eyes are charming and attractive you feel very good because it enhances your personality. But In today’s fast...
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Causes and Symptoms of Cataract

What Causes Cataracts? First cataract starts with little effects on your vision.  It created when protein develops in the focal point of your eye and makes it cloudy. This keeps...
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Dr. Harbans Lal invited on Delhi Ophthalmological Society Annual conference

Dr. Harbans Lal got invited on Delhi Ophthalmological Society Annual conference 2017 for Dr. B N Khanna Oration. Conference was attended by more than 4000 eye surgeons.
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dry eyes and lasik

Dry Eyes and LASIK

A dry eye is a very common problem these days and a large population is a victim of this. Almost half the patients undergoing LASIK develop dry eyes and it...
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Delhi eye centre team

Delhi Eye Centre first to Introduce “Nanopulse Capsulotomy – Zepto System”

Delhi Eye Centre first to bring "Nanopulse Capsulotomy - Zepto System" in Delhi and performed many successful cataract treatment using this technology. The perfect capsulotomy is continuous, curvilinear, tear resistant,...
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