Cataract Surgery

How to Prepare for Cataract Surgery

A cataract surgery lens is a technique that is intended to expel the natural lens of the eye (additionally called "crystalline lens") that has built up an opacification. The metabolic...
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Glaucoma Risk Reduction

How to Reduce Glaucoma Risk

Glaucoma is circumstance where your eyes optics nerves get harmed .It is directly connected with pressure that is formed in your eye. If the pressure increases, it can prompt to...
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A wonderful national conference at Jaipur

A wonderful national conference at Jaipur. Dr. Ikeda lal had 6 talks and an instruction course on pterygium with her as the chief instructor. She was also a trainer in...
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Effects of exercise on vision health

Effects of Exercise on Vision Health

As you all know exercise is very beneficial for everyone because it tones your body and provides other health benefits. Exercise makes you feel fresh and provides you energy. As...
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