Posted by admin at December 2, 2017 10:07 am
A Brief Comparison of Glasses, Contact Lenses And Lasik

If you are one of those individuals who is blessed with a near perfect eyesight, then you do not have to worry about correcting your vision. However, many people suffer from various vision problems. In recent years, with the rapid advancement in the fields of science and technology, individuals are opting for different procedures that would correct their vision to significant levels. The use of glasses is widespread for people who suffer from imperfect eyesight. On the contrary, the use of contact lenses is also gaining popularity among many patients. One can also opt to undergo a LASIK surgery to correct their vision.

The aspect of cost involved in treating eyesight issues

As per a recent research, it has come to the fore that individuals can save a lot of money if they opt for LASIK surgery. It is interesting to note that patients can save up to 4000 Indian Rupees in a year if they opt for LASIK surgery. With eyeglasses averaging 2000 Indian Rupees per pair, LASIK procedures can holistically cure a patient. Moreover, you can also get respite from nagging costs that are related to the maintenance of the glasses.

On the contrary, LASIK is mainly a one-time procedure that would seem expensive at first but it is actually more cost- effective if you think about it.

The aspect of lifestyle involved in the correction of vision

Contact lenses and spectacles are not ideal for many hobbies. For instance, you cannot go out in the rain with contact lenses without an umbrella as rain water would enter your eyes and pre-dispose you to infections. Also, the rain can fog up and make your glasses blurred and dirty. It can also be severely restricting and difficult to pursue sports activities if you are wearing glasses. Another example that best suits this situation is that you cannot wear contact lenses while swimming and snorkeling as the contact lenses can get infested with bugs and cause severe eye infections.

However, if you opt for LASIK, the cost of daily expenses behind these corrective devices would be drastically controlled. You do not have to worry about spending a lot of money on expensive sports gear and vision correction devices. In this context, it is also interesting to note that all LASIK patients need to wait several weeks before they can pursue their favorite hobbies. Typically, it is advisable to swim only a month after surgery.

The aspect of comfort and convenience

If you are a contact lenses and spectacle user, then you must have noticed the difficulty in wearing and maintaining them on a daily basis. It is so because your glasses can be easily scratched or broken. Hence, they need utmost care and delicate handling. Also, your eyeglasses need adjustment to place them in the optimal position. If the glasses are not well centred, especially in cases with astigmatism, they can cause a lot of eye strain.

On the other hand, contact lenses also require daily care. If the contact lenses pop out of your eyes or fall onto the surface, it can be easily lost. In this manner, allergies and infections can easily occur in the eyes. Besides, wearing contact lenses for many years, can give rise to dry eyes and enhanced sensitivity to contact lens use.

However, LASIK procedure can reduce your dependence on contact lenses and glasses. In most of the cases, it is possible to achieve complete independence.

The pressure and strain on eyes

In this digital age, we usually tend to stress our eyes to a great extent. Hence, choosing the right option to correct your vision is vital. Moreover, as per recent studies, around 80 percent of Americans report eye strain as a result of spending an average of 7 to 9 hours in front of computers and other digital devices. Therefore, our vision needs to be perfectly corrected.

LASIK  now with the advancement in technology has become very precise and accurate avoiding eye strain. This makes sure that you enjoy a hassle free vision.