Posted by admin at September 14, 2017 12:10 pm
C3R Surgery

Delhi Eye Centre takes pride in offering comprehensive and compassionate care to all communities while promoting innovative and unsurpassed well-being of your patients. We have set new benchmarks in medical and service excellence that we provide for C3R treatment for keratoconus. C3R – Collagen Cross- Linking with Riboflavin is a simple non-invasive treatment option for keratoconus where the front layers of the cornea in patients are strengthen by making use of riboflavin and ultraviolent light. This creates strong and new bonds between the corneal fibres that helps in slowing down or stopping the progression of the disease. C3R has also effectively treated patients suffering from corneal ectasia who have already undergone LASIK and PRK.

Our highly qualified and experienced eye surgeons use latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for the early diagnosis of the disease and have achieved huge success in treating the keratoconus patients with C3R procedure. This treatment method is very safe and effective and hardly poses any threat to the patient. It doesn’t involve any stiches or incisions and therefore has no side effects post-surgery. We ensure that the patient experiences least discomfort during the treatment and has faster recovery. The whole procedure hardly takes around 30 minutes to complete. The patient may still have to wear glasses after undergoing C3R method but his keratoconus is prevented from getting worse.

We, at Delhi Eye Centre leave no stones unturned in providing best keratoconus treatment to patients using C3R method. We strive hard to make the patients comfortable during the treatment and ensure that full safety measures are followed throughout the procedure. You must contact the hospital for any assistance related to keratoconus and its treatment.