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Common Eye Diseases in Children

Children are prone to get vision related issues and eye diseases similar to that of an adult. Thus, it is very important that their parents get vision screened at an early age so that if the child is suffering from any vision problem, it can be diagnosed and rectified at correct time. In this way, you can keep eyes of your children heathy for life long.

Regular eye check-up will help you in knowing whether the child needs spectacles or contact lens. Children, toddlers and even young teenagers should have regular eye check-up whenever they feel the presence of any one of the following symptoms:

  • Frequent irritation in eyes
  • Glancing or revolving head frequently when attempting to focus on any object
  • Objects become blurry and are hard to see.
  • Apathy in reading or seeing objects that are faraway
  • If the problem of vision is genetic
  • Strolling or crossed eyes

Some common eye disease in Children

This problem is commonly termed as “lazy eye”. In this condition, the children is not able to see with one eye because it has not developed normal sight. However, the children has complete vision in another eye. According to a survey report, 3 out of every 100 children are affected by lazy eye disease. If the disease is detected at an early stage, it can be rectified. The doctor may recommend wearing glasses on regular basis and in critical cases, surgery on the eye muscles can be recommended.

This condition is commonly known as “crossed eyes”. Under this condition the eyes of the toddler are not aligned properly. In this, the toddler is able to see only with the better eye as another eye can turn in, out, up and down making it hard for the toddler to look around. If detected earlier, the condition can be improved through glasses.

Colour Blindness
This deficiency is also known as “Colour vision disorder or deficiency.” This is a hereditary disorder in which the child is not able to recognise the colours and shades of colours appropriately. This disorder is also curable with the help of coloured glasses or contact lenses.

This condition is commonly known as “pink-eye or red-eye”. In this condition, eye of the child becomes red or pink in colour and can cause inflammation, burning sensations and crusting around the eyelashes. Though, the problem is highly transmittable, can be easily treated with recommended antibiotic drops or balm.

Blocked Tear Duct-

One out of every ten children from birth faces this problem. In this condition, drainage system of the child’s eye is blocked (completely or partially) and tears cannot drain naturally.