Posted by admin at September 26, 2017 4:37 pm
Do I Have Cataracts?

You need to know what exactly cataract is before knowing whether you are suffering from this issue or not. By Cataracts, we mean clouding of lens of human eye that is positioned at the back side of the iris and the pupil. Developing of cataract is a very natural phenomenon, as with increasing human age, one can develop cataract due to the formation of element of protein on the lens of the eye that can cause vision blurriness.

Cataract is considered to be one of the most common eye related issues due to which individuals face problem while seeing images. This poor vision problem affects the people over the age of 40 years. Therefore, it can be said that as you grow older, chances of yours suffering from the problem of cataracts increases. Apart from this cataract is also considered as the most common reason of blindness among people worldwide.

Causes for cataracts can be accredited to recurrent contact to ultra violet rays, scarcity of vitamins, frequent use of certain medications and eye damage or eye disorders.

In order to protect your eyes and keep them stay healthy for a long time, you must be familiar with the symptoms of the cataract. By knowing the symptoms, you can create awareness, which can further help you getting treated at the right time.

Common Symptoms of Cataracts

The symptoms for cataract are swayed by the position of cataract on the lens of the eye and the area covered by it and whether the cataract exist in one eye or both of the eyes.

Cataract does not develop in a day; it generally takes several years to develop cataract due to which our eyesight starts worsening gradually. However, cataracts are painless but can lead to partial and complete blindness. It starts in your one eye but if remain untreated can effect both the eyes. Nevertheless, it is non-contagious disease thus cannot pass on from one infected eye to the other.

In the early phases, cataract can be noticed only forming a minor clouding on the lens that only has a minor influence on your eyesight. However, as the cataract starts growing in size, it interferes with the light passing through the lens. After some time, the cataract grows and you may notice some of the following symptoms:

  • Clouded, blurred vision
  • Unclear eyesight making difficulty specially seeing at night
  • Dual vision
  • Hypersensitive to light or brightness
  • Coronae start to appear around lights
  • Frequent change in the prescription of your eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Colours seem to appear wishy-wash and faded

Cataract is commonly seen in aged people, but it is still not considered as a very serious issue and can be treated easily if diagnosed at an early stage. The cataract surgery is a safer process in this case.