Posted by admin at March 25, 2017 2:52 am
How Dehydration Affects Our Eyes

Water is an essential component of our body.  An adequate amount of water is required for proper functioning of the various organs. The most sensitive organ of our human body is the eyes. Dehydration affects our eyes and causes harm. Dehydration is basically when there is a shortage of water in our body which may happen due to excessive sweating, urination, heat, diabetes, diarrhoea, alcohol consumption and other factors.

Our body has an inbuilt mechanism to maintain homeostasis by counteracting the excessive fluid loss. Among the various mechanisms, the one related to the eye is less tear production. As there is a scarcity of tear production in the eyes our eyes are not properly lubricated. Improper lubrication of the eyes leads to dry eyes, strain in the eyes which ultimately end up in causing blurred vision and serious vision problems.

Tears are the sole nourishment for our eyes. It helps to maintain the perfect balance by engulfing foreign particles, maintaining fluidity and also prevents any sort of eye infections. Dry eyes cause severe irritation and continuous exposure to the pollutants without the protective tear layer finally leads to vision problems. Dry eye can be cured by drinking ample amount of water and also by using eye drops to cool the eyes and provide moisture.

Dehydration affects our vision in the most heinous ways possible. Lack of water increases the strain of our eyes which causes a headache, pain and blurred vision. The severe vision issues faced due to this include double vision, blurred vision and sensitivity to light. All the problems slowly lead to irreparable damage to the eye. The only solution to this issue is by keeping ourselves hydrated always.

Dehydration also causes disbalance in our eye pressure. Our eyes normally maintain a pressure for the proper functioning of it. But due to lack of water, this balance is disturbed creating an increase in the fluid pressure in our eyes. This medical condition in older individuals is known as glaucoma. Drinking lots of water are the only way out as glaucoma can lead to permanent blindness.

Swelling of the eyes occurs due to an inflammation reaction of the eyes with the foreign particles which in turn leads to redness and soreness of the eyes. This prolonged swelling is extremely harmful and should be dealt with by drinking the sufficient amount of water and fluids.

Corneal Edema is one of the serious side effects.  The cornea is the most sensitive layer of our eyes which regulates the entry of light entering our pupil. As due to the scarcity of water, the eye is unable to cleanse itself so the cornea becomes dry and prolonged effect of this harms our vision. In severe cases, surgery is required to prevent this.

These are the several effects of dehydration on the most vital organ of our body. If you are facing any of the above problem, contact to Delhi Eye Centre.