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How to take care of eyes during a solar eclipse? Dr. Ikeda Lal’s interview published in NDTV today

How to take care of eyes during a solar eclipse? Dr. Ikeda Lal’s interview published in NDTV today

Solar eclipse 2019: It is absolutely right when you are suggested that you should not look at a solar eclipse directly. But, there is no scientific reason behind solar eclipse being harmful for pregnant women. More myths busted, facts revealed, right here!

The countdown for solar eclipse 2019 or surya grahan is finally over. Today, the day will become night along a stretch of South Pacific, Chile and Argentina, as total solar eclipse, which is a rare occurrence, plunges the landscape into darkness. Surya grahan 2019 is going to have a 6,800 mile path, most of which is on the open ocean. On this path, the moon will extinguish sunlight for as much four minutes and 33 seconds. Total solar eclipse is going to begin at 3.22 pm local time in Chile. At this time, people can see a dark silhouette at the bottom left corner of the sun.

This time, the total solar eclipse will not be visible in India but viewers can watch it live online. Partial solar eclipse in India is likely to begin around 10.25 pm IST, whereas the total solar eclipse will begin around 11.54 pm IST.

Surya Grahan 2019: What you should do in case of solar eclipse

If you go by the numerous articles that are written online regarding solar eclipse 2019, you will see that a lot of them talk about the eclipse being harmful for the eyes. We talk to Dr Ikeda Lal, Delhi-based opthamologist, who clarifies numerous doubts about solar eclipse and what is it that people should actually do during an eclipse.

1. It is absolutely right when you are suggested that you should not look at a solar eclipse directly. It can actually cause damage to retina through a process called solar retinopathy – which can damage retinal cells.

2. This is especially in case of partial solar eclipse. You must never look directly at partial solar eclipse.

3. Do not use binoculars of telescopes without any filters too look directly at the solar eclipse as it concentrates the light more. That can cause solar retinopathy which may either cause temporary or long lasting damage to retina.

4. Get special eclipse glasses if you want to look at the solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse can cause damage to eyes and cause solar retinopathy
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Dr Ikeda clarifies other common myths about solar eclipse having dangerous consequences for pregnant women, and says that there is no scientific evidence behind it.

Ask her about solar eclipse occurring when it is night in India and what should be done and she says, “You can continue with your work in the usual way but it is important that you do not look directly at the eclipse. Do wear some protective glasses when you’re stepping out tonight” she cautions.

Other myths revolving on the internet like you must not cook during an eclipse, are also untrue, Dr Ikeda clarifies.

(Dr Ikeda Lal is Consultant Opthamologist at Delhi Eye Centre and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital)

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