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Is LASIK a Treatment for my Astigmatism?

LASIK is a standout amongst the most prominent possible vision-correction strategies. With so many dialogs encompassing the point, it’s nothing unexpected that myths and mistakes crawl into the discussion. For instance: the false notions that LASIK does not right astigmatism or those with astigmatism are not a contender for LASIK.

In all actuality, ophthalmologists utilize LASIK to adjust an assortment of refractive difficulties, including nearsightedness (myopia), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism.

What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism is obscured or unclear vision coming about because of a cornea or lens that is bent lopsidedly. The shape turns out to be less similar to a basketball and more like an American football. This causes the light entering the eye to twist unequally, delivering sharp vision in a few territories and foggy pictures in others. It can be very normal: In a current report, more than a fourth of schoolchildren analyzed were found to have astigmatism.

The reason for astigmatism is roughly characterized; however, it is believed to be hereditary. Astigmatism frequently goes with nearsightedness or hyperopia. It comes in a few sorts, characterized in light of the route in which the cornea is shaped:

  • In nearsighted astigmatism, one or the two meridians are myopic.
  • In hyperopic astigmatism, one or the two meridians are farsighted.
  • In mixed astigmatism, one meridian is nearsighted, and the other meridian is hyperopic.

How does LASIK offer assistance?

On the off chance that exclusive a little measure of astigmatism is available, laser revision may not be vital. Nonetheless, if astigmatism is impeding vision, LASIK is a suitable alternative.

Amid the LASIK system, a specialist utilizes a laser to reshape the cornea, making it more round and remedying the way that it will twist and concentrate light.

For some astigmatic patients, LASIK offers a bigger number of advantages than glasses or contacts. LASIK enhances vision over the whole visual field, versus simply the bit of the visual field that is secured by solution eyewear.

How would I know whether LASIK can revise my astigmatism?

While most sorts of astigmatism can be rectified by LASIK, a couple can’t. Irregular astigmatism will most likely be unable to be rectified by LASIK. A condition called keratoconus, in which the cornea swells in a cone shape, while causing astigmatism, ought to never be dealt with by LASIK. An exam by a qualified LASIK expert ought to be accomplished to decide application.

Astigmatic patients by and large pay a higher cost for LASIK. Also, while it might rectify astigmatism, LASIK can’t keep a patient from requiring glasses further down the road.

In the event that you have astigmatism, LASIK may lessen your reliance on glasses and contacts. Converse with a LASIK expert about what choices are best for you.