Lasik Acceptability Terms and Rules for Indian Army /NDA Candidates

The Indian Army, Air Force, and National Defense Academy recruit the Indian nationals for various positions in senior and junior capacities. The selection of the suitable candidates is strictly based on officially notified terms which include academic qualifications, reservation criteria, age limits and relaxation rules, physical fitness and physical standards. All the above-mentioned Defense service recruit eligible candidates in combat and noncombat roles. The recruitment of armed forces has high standards which include physical fitness, physical measurement in terms of height, weight, chest size, body mass index, eyesight and the overall state of physical fitness and health.

Vision or eyesight is a very important factor that can make or break the candidate\’s chances for recruitment to Armed Forces Medical College, Navy, Air Force and even NDA at the entry-level cadets, Junior Commissioned Officer, or other rank positions. The Indian Army is very prestigious and physical and medical fitness requirements strictly prescribed especially for the eyesight and proper vision. Candidates with normal vision of 20/20 in feet of /6 in meters do not come across any type of disqualification issues during their physical endurance and medical examination rounds.

Candidates those who have some or the other eye condition such as myopia or hypermetropia have to satisfy additional selection criteria. Those who have received the medical treatment like surgeries such as LASIK where laser assisted operation is done or PRK eye surgery also have to fulfill additional criteria. All these candidates are eligible for selection of Armed forces in Engineering and Medical facilities, but due to physical demands, such candidates are selectively recruited. However, rules for filling up entry-level positions in Navy, Airforce, NDA, JCO and Other ranks do not permit candidates who received the above-mentioned positions of corrective surgeries and they are disqualified from appearing for further selection rounds.