Posted by admin at June 1, 2017 7:31 am
Myths and Facts Related to LASIK surgery

Below are some myths and facts related to Lasik surgery.

Myth-1 Lasik is painful and takes a lot of time for recovery

This is the most common myth going around but the fact is that the patients get recovered soon and can get back to their routine activity just the day after the surgery has been performed and they can easily perform all the work in the very same way they used to do it before surgery. The patients start observing quick improvement in their vision just after the surgery. The patients who have undergone the surgery do not feel much pain during the procedure.

Myth-2 Lasik doesn’t help in achieving long term cure and is new to the world

This myth has really developed a kind of threat in the minds of people, but the research department has concluded that Lasik is the best possible treatment accessible for any kind of vision related disorders like short sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism. Millions of people have undertaken this surgery and have been completely cured from their particular disorder.

Myth-3 Lasik not a good option for the treatment of astigmatism vision problem

Latest technology and innovation in Lasik has overcome astigmatism vision problem. Now, the fact is Lasik surgery for astigmatism allow the patients a better vision quality which cannot be obtained by glasses or contact lenses. This surgery has been adopted by several individuals and all have found clear and improved vision.

Myth-4 Lasik surgery can cause night blindness

Night blindness is one of the most threatening concerns among the individuals and due to this very reason they don’t opt for this surgery. But the fact is that this surgery has evolved to highest level of exactness and accurateness to overcome problem of night vision. Blade free Lasik Surgery also reduces the risks of developing any kind of side effects and therefore you can ensure that this surgery won’t result in night blindness which used to be the side effect of traditional surgery in the very past.

So remove all kinds of myths from your mind and examine the facts and benefits of Lasik surgery.