Posted by admin at July 23, 2018 7:17 am
Why you should not use Contact Lenses?

Most of the patients we look at here at vision wear contacts lenses effectively day to day without any problem. Contact lenses are the ideal solution for some, but it is most imperative to identify that they are not for everybody.

Poor Contact Lens Hygiene Leads to Infection

This is a big problem. Those who make use of contact lenses must have to get the correction to retain appropriate hygiene standards. Cutting angles when it comes to contact lens hygiene will ultimately lead to infection, which can be severe and through sight menacing.

Contact Lens Need every day, Thorough Care

Another time, contact lenses need utmost care to make sure protection and efficiency. Everything going inside the eyes needs to be germ-free. Those who incline to fall asleep with contact lenses, or who go for a moment without altering their contact lens solution perhaps aren’t perfect contact lens applicants.

Contact Lens Difficulties

However, thousands of folks wear contact lenses every day without any problem; there are still some threats. Unlike with whatever thing we invest in our bodies, we have to be aware. Contact lenses can lead to difficulties in most of the patients that is why it is imperative to know the symptoms that contact lenses are not suitable for you. If you undergo extreme watering, redness, stinging or itching, this might be an indication that you are not a right fit for contact lenses. At all times consult with your eye doctor of any infrequent or about adverse effects you are going through the use of contact lenses.

Long Wear Time

Contact lenses can assist the eyesight when you have them in. Although, those who work for long or several hours or want a full clear sight at all times they are conscious might come across problems. Some contact lens wearers find out more difficult to experience an entire day while wearing contact lenses. This happens mainly due to ecological factors, like a high degree of pollen, dirt, low humidity or poor complete air quality. These issues can cause the eyes to feel parched and inflamed. It can assist to use eye drops and wash your contact lenses throughout the day, but most people don’t have the time doing that.

Contact Lenses are Expensive   

Often contact lenses come expensive, and in this term, people don’t want a way to invest in contact lenses as well. Better to avoid contact lenses and instead of that, consume foods are rich in Vitamin C and iron.