Posted by admin at February 12, 2018 6:52 am
Your Fears Stopping you from getting LASER vision Correction Done

Vision impairment or lack of vision can be a hurdle when you set yourself free to do things that you never did, like, skydiving, paragliding, etc. Getting a LASIK done is the best option to get rid of glasses and contacts, however, there’s always something or the other that hold you back. It could be any selling thing but it does stop you from getting a perfect vision. Here we have listed the fears that stop you from getting LASIK done.

  • LASIK is too risky –

It is a common misconception regarding LASIK Laser eye surgery which is touted as the safest medical practice available nowadays. LASIK is the cure to all your contacts and eyeglasses problems.

  • LASIK has long-term effects are not known yet –

Back in 1987, the first LASIK surgery was performed after which LASIK became very popular since it can restore the lost glory of vision. However, of all the cases yet dealt with, doctors haven’t found a single case with the patient going blind or so.

  • Chances of going blind –

In its entire history, the patient going blind hasn’t been observed as of now.

  • Long recovery period –

It literally takes just a few hours to initialize the healing period and just 24 hours for the corneal flap to complete its healing. Although rest is prescribed after LASIK, the patient can re-join work just after 1 or 2 days after LASIK.

  • What if my eyes moves and the laser cuts or burns my cornea wrong –

Eyes move rapidly, however, with advanced technology, LASIK has been able to keep up with the pace of eye movement and moreover vision correction of the eye is another solution which is applied so that the movement can be subtle and proper cut can be made.

  • My vision can worsen –

LASIK is a treatment for impaired or lowered vision by correcting the retina and the cells inside responsible for the deficiency. However, LASIK is safe and provides improved vision after getting it done.