Delhi Eye Centre is one of the pioneering institutions for Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery. The surgical procedure is not only offered to patients from India, but also from other countries. If a patient observes any one or more of the following conditions, he or she may visit the Delhi Eye Centre for Eyelid Aesthetic Consultation & Procedures:

  • Excessive Skin over Eyelid obscuring the natural fold of it
  • Upper Eyelids having loose skin that hangs down and hampering vision many a time
  • The upper Eyelids having puffiness in appearance, with a look of tiredness
  • The lower Eyelids having Excess skin with wrinkles
  • Under eyes having Bags and Dark Circles
  • Droopiness in Lower Eyelid

Causes Of Eyelid Growth/ Eye Bags

The eyelid grows or the skin becomes elastic and develops eye bags mainly because of the accumulation of the fat. Age also plays its part in stretching the skin and weakening the muscles around the eye. Inherited factors also can be responsible as some young adults have shown the tendency for developing bags under their eyes.


It is an eyelid reduction surgery that removes the excess skin and accumulated fat around the eyes. This results in an alert and youthful appearance with a fresh face in the morning. The surgical method varies from patient to patient based on the severity of the condition. Sometimes only the sagging skin is removed, while other times only fat is removed without making external cut or incision.

Typical Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery

  • Upper and lower eyelid surgery involves the following typical procedure –
  • Local or general anaesthesia is applied in the hospital.
  • Incisions or cuts are made along the natural lines of the eyelids.
  • Surplus fat, excess skin, and sagging muscle are removed.
  • Resurfacing laser is used to reduce wrinkles without any external scarring.
  • Surgeon applies suture strips or steri-strips which are removed 3 to 5 days later.